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For 22 years we’ve passionately and proudly helped 100’s of service users, via Care First’s provisions, make massive strides forward with their lives, achieve great things (that some didn’t think possible) and we’ve seen frustrated faces replaced with contented smiles. This helps carers family lives improve. We appreciate we can’t help everybody but we may be able to help you. To find out more please follow the appropriate link below by mousing over and clicking on the logo that best suits your situation:

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Community Prospects CIC Limited is a ‘not for profit’ community interest company (CIC) that helps adults 16+ with a mild to moderate learning difficulty/disability, autism, brain injury or mental health.

Who travels independently or with carer/parent, has the ability to work independently with 1 staff member within a group of up to 10 learners. Require minimal support and can look after their own personal hygiene needs and is willing to participate in a mixture of tasks and activities. Vocational training at a minimal cost of £45 per day.

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Skills Tank works with adults 16+ with critical and substantial learning difficulties/disabilities, have challenging behavior and extra assistance needs.

Skills Tank is focused on creating a continual flow of positive successful outcomes via varied learning opportunities, specifically designed to meet the individual’s needs.

It’s a paid for service funded via social services, direct payments, the NHS and private funding or a mixture of these funding options.

_Z6G5679Nora Gallagher says:

“The calming effect that Skills Tank has had has been marvelous.  Brendan is now happy in himself and is happy to mix with people — this remarkable change is largely down to Skills Tank”.