Our Commitment To You

We’ll continually strive to;

  • exceed care industry standards
  • improve the lives of all our learners
  • provide a happy, safe and friendly learning environment

We are committed to providing services for people who learn differently or whose behaviour is perceived to be challenging.  We firmly believe that people with challenging or unusual behaviour have the same needs as everyone else and that they do not surrender their needs for growth and development because they have challenging or unusual behaviour.  Our approach is to identify individual people’s skills and needs and develop an achievable learning plan with realistic goals.

As one of the most progressive private educational and training companies in the UK, we strive to improve the skills and knowledge of our staff to enhance the service provided to all learners.  Our aim is not to match Care Industry standards, but to exceed them by retaining highly skilled and motivated staff and ensuring all learners have achievable goals with measurable outcomes.

Our approach is a holistic one; this improves the individual’s quality of life and also that of his or her family and carers

To find out more about Care First’s provisions please call Glenys or Wayne on 0121 308 6555.

Come and meet the management team, see the driving force behind our dedication to help adults who learn differently.