A Little About Us

First and foremost we are passionate about improving, developing and helping adults with learning difficulties, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, mental health and or autistic spectrum disorder.  All our staff share this passion as you’ll see when you visit us.

Why did Care First start?

Care First came about out of a desire to give adults who learn differently and their carers an alternative to the usual options, a desire to help and improve lives as well as a belief that better outcomes are possible.

It all started with a short summer school at North Birmingham College in the summer of 1996.  As word spread, demand grew and grew, the short summer school quickly became a year long provision.  A year long provision backed by a partnership, with what’s now known as Birmingham Metropolitan College, that’s now 20 years old.

20 years later with nearly 5,000 places filled Care First continues to work with local colleges and community centres putting smiles on students faces helping these students accomplish activities that many thought they couldn’t do or they’d never get the chance to do!


Care First delivers carefully designed, practical and fun courses using the many years of hands on experience we’ve had working with adults with learning difficulties, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, mental health, autism, brain injuries, complex needs and physical disabilities.  Courses are delivered in our own workshops, our Skills Tank Hubs and Community Prospects Centres across Birmingham and Staffordshire.

Employing approximately 62 staff including learning mentors, tutors, senior learner support assistants, classroom assistants and administrators, Care First, is recognized as one of the leading specialist educators and trainers for adults who learn differently.  This recognition means we are often called upon by many professional and specialists in the health and care sector for help and advice and we’ve accepted invitations to sit on a number of steering groups due to the level of success we’ve achieved with our learners.

We are British Institute for Learning Disabilities (Bild) members and we take our commitment of being a Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility member very seriously.